Boost Testosterone Naturally

The best ways to naturally increase testosterone.

1. Lose weight.
According to research presented during the 2012 meeting of Endocrine Society, overweight men and women are more prone to low testosterone levels. It is therefore important for them to shed the extra pounds, which is the most natural way to improve testosterone production. Begin by limiting the consumption of processed sugar, particularly fructose.

2. Get adequate sleep.
Many people with low testosterone levels don’t have enough sleep at night. If you are experiencing a decline on your testosterone numbers, try to achieve at least seven hours of sleep per night.

3. Increase sexual activity.
Studies have shown that sex itself can increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Recent research suggests that intercourse itself is associated with higher testosterone in women before intercourse and that intercourse and cuddling increase testosterone in women closely afterwards. This does not appear to be mediated by the physical activity component of sexual activity as exercise never led to increased T. Instead, it appears that sexual contact and close physical intimacy mediate the increased T as T was higher closely following cuddling as well.

4. Stay active.
If you always lie on the couch, the brain will believe that you don’t really need a lot of testosterone to bolster your bones and muscles. Meanwhile, if you are physically active, the brain will get the message that you need more of the hormone. You don’t have to start like an expert if you haven’t had enough exercise for such a long time. You can actually begin with brisk walks at least 10 minutes every day. You can then build up on your routine and you can even hire a personal trainer. You should aim to be able to do 20 minutes of high intensity interval training sessions per week in order to achieve this.

5. Optimise your Vit D levels.
Low levels of Vit D have been found to be associated with reduced testosterone. Check your Vit D by blood test and discuss treatment with your doctor. Vit D deficiency is very common in the general population, and is very easy to treat with over the counter Vit D supplements.

6. Eat the right foods.
As much as possible, eat whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Fish, skinless poultry, complex carbohydrates, nuts, and seeds should all be incorporated into your diet. Choose to eat foods in their natural state to boost your testosterone levels.

7. De-stress yourself.
The stress hormone, cortisol, interferes with the production of testosterone as well as its effects. With increased stress levels, cortisol production is increased which in turn can reduce testosterone levels.

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