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Dr Galy uses bioidentical hormones to re-establish vitality in both men and women, not just to avoid or reduce severe symptoms of andropause or menopause, but to maintain healthy bones, good heart function, brain function and skin condition.

Bio Identical Hormones are identical to the ones that are already being manufactured in your organs. By measuring your levels and optimising them with bio-identical ones, it is possible to re-set your hormonal balance. Getting the balance of hormones right is the key to alleviating symptoms and avoiding ill health that could be associated with declining hormone levels. Very few doctors can offer this skill.

As part of your initial assessment, Dr. Galy will sit down with you for your initial consultation and listen to your main issues, your current and past medical conditions, your family history and any other relevant concerns or information you might have. Along with the results from your blood tests, this information will form a key part of your treatment plan. It is a vital part of your assessment and is necessary to develop an individualized health plan to make you feel better, and be able to interpret your hormone results when they become available. Treatment options are then discussed and agreed.

For men, declining testosterone levels can result in symptoms of andropause, the onset of which is often slow and insidious, with gradually reducing motivation, drive and mood, leading to low libido and erectile dysfunction. Eventually some men develop night sweats, depression and loss of muscle tone and mass, leading to metabolic syndrome with the onset of obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes. This has long-term negative effects on cardiovascular health.

For women, the onset of menopause symptoms is usually more sudden. It is sometimes preceded by perimenopause, with anxiety, sleep disturbance, and worsening premenstrual symptoms indicating a relative progesterone deficiency. This eventually gives way to menopause with night sweats and irregular periods, heralding the declining estrogen levels.

Dr. Galy often sees couples, so that a holistic and comprehensive assessment can be made to optimise their hormone levels and help them to maintain or enhance harmony with each other.

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