Dr. Suha Kersh

Dr. Suha Kersh


Cosmetic Physician Lead

Dr Kersh is widely recognised as a leading specialist in the field of aesthetics and skin health and is renowned for her artistic yet natural approach to facial rejuvenation. Internationally educated, she graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in 1991, since establishing herself as one of the most sought-out specialists of Cosmetic Medicine in London. In 2015, she co-founded 23MD London with her husband and business partner, Dr Martin Galy.

Dr Kersh believes in a holistic approach to health and beauty, and in looking beyond the obvious. She aims to achieve a natural and fresh appearance for her patients by employing a unique 4-D approach, designed to address skin health, wrinkle distribution, volume loss and general health and wellbeing. Dr Kersh treats the face holistically; a signature style that enables her to restore harmony and balance to the face and body.

The patient journey is at the heart of her practice, and Dr Kersh strives to build an honest and trusting relationship through the consultation process. Empowering her clients to make informed and educated decisions about their treatment is key. The result? Patients come away looking healthy and rejuvenated – and without any obvious signs of treatment.

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