Everyone wants perfect lips – and why not? Lips are an integral part of our personality: they shape smiles, express emotions, and communicate feelings.

Like the rest of the face, the lips and the surrounding area suffer from volume loss and fine lines as we start to age. However, by addressing the framework of the mouth, rather than simply filling the lips, Dr Kersh can create a subtle and beautiful-shaped mouth in a controlled and predictable fashion. Furthermore, by restoring volume and tissue elasticity to the surrounding area, the whole face can be successfully rejuvenated. After all, the lips look better when the cheeks, chin and jawline are all in balance.

Through the careful and subtle injection of Dermal fillers into the lips and surrounding tissue (including the chin, bar code and marionette lines) volume and vitality are restored. Lips are left smiling and hydrated, without an unnatural or ‘obvious’ appearance.


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