Dr Kersh 4D Technique

At 23MD, Dr Kersh and her team treat the face as a whole, and not in isolated areas.

Wrinkles result from a combination of many factors. A combination of the following process can all lead to wrinkling

  • cellular changes resulting in a reduction of collagen, (that can cause volume loss)
  • damage caused by free radicals in the sun and the environment, as well as repeatedly frowning and or squinting over the years.

These different types of damages need different approaches.

In order to completely assess the needs of each individual, Dr Kersh and her team always start with a consultation and uses a 4-DIMENSIONAL TECHNIQUE to create a treatment plan that’s specific to that individual. This involves assessing each of the following.

  • Wrinkle assessment,
  • Volume loss assessment
  • Skin health analysis
  • General health and Wellbeing

After this full assessment and consultation, Dr Kersh will advise you how best to approach your treatment plan, and together will devise a treatment plan to achieve the best possible results. This may involve single or multiple treatments as listed in our Medical Technologies section.

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