Under Eye Treatment in London

Under The Eye Treatment In London

Eyes are the windows to our soul; our main point of contact when talking to others and the first part of us to show signs of tiredness. Not even the best-applied makeup can hide puffy eyes, dark circles and crêpey-looking eyelids. Rejuvenating the eye area requires a bespoke approach – with treatment carefully selected to address the causes of fatigue.

What is under eye treatment?

Under eye treatment refers to a wide range of non-surgical procedures, all designed to improve the area below the eye (i.e. the tear trough), getting rid of dark circles and reducing overall puffiness. These procedures include Botox, dermal fillers, skin boosters, chemical peels and medical technologies (such as Ultherapy® and  BTL Exilis®).

To achieve the best results, a combination of these will often be used – and here at 23MD, we always take a bespoke approach. Each client is unique. What works for one person may not necessarily be the right option for someone else. Therefore, during your first one-to-one consultation, we will get to know your individual needs and create an under eye treatment plan that is tailored perfectly to you.

Dr Kersh begins all consultations with her unique 4D-Technique, allowing her to pinpoint any contributing diet or lifestyle choices, before suggesting a combination of treatments.

The use of Botulinum Toxin A (Botox)® and Skinboosters can help to brighten and open up the eyes, while Dermal fillers can gently replace lost volume in the tear trough, helping to eliminate a ‘hollow’ appearance and dark circles. To refine the texture of the skin, Mesogun U225®Mesoesthetic Peels®, and medical technologies such as Ultherapy® or BTL Exilis® can be performed.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Lack of sleep, and other lifestyle factors, exaggerate the appearance of dark circles – but they’re not usually the main cause. In fact, more often than not, dark circles under the eyes are the result of genetics and the natural ageing process.

For example, you may have naturally fair skin, low levels of subcutaneous fat or a lack of volume in this area. This can make the skin under the lower lid thin and translucent and, as a result, the veins underneath start to become more visible.

Dark circles can also be caused by the shape of your face. When the ‘tear trough’ (i.e. the groove from the lower eyelid to the cheek) is naturally deep and prominent, the indentation can create a shadow and make dark circles much more apparent.

How does it work?

All under eye treatments are designed to restore volume. Ultimately, the aim is to lift the delicate skin up and away from the blue blood vessels underneath. Fillers and boosters are used to fill the hollow in the tear trough, whilst peels and medical technologies are used to refine the texture of the skin. This helps to reduce the appearance of dark shadows and creates a fresher, more youthful look.

How much does it cost to have an under eye treatment?

This will depend on the exact combination of under eye treatments that you require. To get a better idea of the cost, the best option is to book an appointment and discuss your individual concerns with our specialists. By gaining a better understanding of what you wish to achieve – and which treatments may be beneficial – we can then provide an accurate cost for you, personally.

How long do the effects last?

Under eye treatments will gradually fade over time. However, the effects can usually be seen for 6-9 months – depending on the specific combination of treatment and the rate at which your body breaks down the filler. To prolong the effects, some people choose to have repeat appointments.


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