Under Eye Treatment London

Eyes are the windows to our soul; our main point of contact when talking to others and the first to show signs of tiredness. Not even the best-applied makeup can hide puffy eyes, dark circles and crêpey-looking eyelids.

Rejuvenating the eye area, therefore, requires a bespoke approach – with treatment carefully selected to address the causes of fatigue. Dr Kersh begins all consultations with her unique 4D-Technique, in order to pinpoint any contributing diet or lifestyle choices, before administering a combination of treatments. The combined use of Botulinum Toxin A (Botox)® and Skinboosters can help to brighten and open up the eyes, while Dermal fillers can gently replace lost volume in the tear trough, helping to eliminate a ‘hollow’ appearance and dark circles. To refine the texture of the skin, Mesogun U225®, Mesoesthetic Peels®, and medical technologies such as Ultherapy® or BTL Exilis® can be performed.

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