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23MD is a Cosmetic and Medical Boutique Clinic, offering a synergistic approach for beauty and wellness based on scientific research and medically proven technologies.

We aim to be the Centre of Excellence where Grown Ups can explore effective options for health and beauty maintenance.

We provide dermatological, aesthetic, and medical treatments, always using non-toxic products and state-of-the-art technologies, as well as cutting edge medicine, to optimise your health and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on treating each person as an individual with needs that are specific to themselves.

In order to create a treatment plan to meet those needs, we always start with an in-depth consultation with one or more of our team of specialists, after which your bespoke treatment plan will be drawn up to meet your individual goals and requirements.

Our goal is to give you access to the best possible care, in a comfortable and beautiful environment that far surpasses your expectations.


logo_small Testimonials

“I love Juta’s Hydrafacials at 23MD. They are the best.”

Ms. B. A. July 18

“Sandra at 23MD fixed my acne in 2 months. Her combination treatments with lights are amazing.”

Mr. S. G. May 2018

“After my invigorating facial at 23MD, I have recommended as many people as I can to come to see you. Just Fantastic. Thank you …”

Mr. J.W. Feb ’17

“This is the most beautiful practice I have ever visited. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and all the staff are helpful and happy. I especially like the wonderful art pieces that they hang on the walls, and I love the on site coffee break they gave me after my treatment was finished. I have made 23MD’s signature facial a monthly treat for myself!”

Ms. McG. Feb ’16

“You have a very good energy at your clinic, a perfect balance of being professional AND friendly at the same time. This puts everyone at ease and makes coming to your clinic really enjoyable and easy”

Ms. E.B. April ’16

“I think you are actually the best injector in the world. Dr Kersh, no-one  ever talks me through what they are going to do to my face the way you do.”

Ms. G.A. July 2018

“I have travelled all over the world for treatments and I think you are actually the best doctor in the world. Nobody injects like you Dr Kersh!” 

Ms. P. June 2018

“Hi Dr Kersh. My face looks perfect after that skin booster.”

Ms. B.B. July 2017

“Dr Kersh is so talented, I still look like me but everything that was bothering me about my face is now gone!”

Ms. K. Z. March ’17

“Dear Dr Kersh, You are very busy so PLEASE don’t reply to this but just to say a huge thank you for this morning. Couldn’t be more thrilled that F introduced us and am SO happy to have found someone as unbelievably brilliant as you!”

Ms. S.MC. March ’17

“Thank you Dr Kersh for my treatment, and also for sorting out the concerns and worries I had before AND after my treatment with you. I was very impressed by all the services I received and I look forward to your advice for ALL my future treatments”.

Ms. C. DS. Feb ’17

“Good Morning, I hope this finds you very well. I don’t have Suha’s email address but I wanted to pass on that I saw my friend last night. She saw Suha last week and she is busy telling everyone she now knows that Suha is the best in London (I agree actually)…”

Ms. A.R. Feb ’17

“Dr Kersh works like an artist, and really restored my natural freshness. I feel beautiful. I am so please I found her, I think she is the best.”

Ms. H. McL. Dec ’15

“After one week of using that cream, you made me feel like me again. Thank you Dr Galy” 

Ms. M. S. July 18

“Dear Martin, I just wanted to thank you for spotting what could have become a serious problem. I’m feeling very fortunate to have discovered this and it is thanks to your meticulous care and expertise.”

Ms. C.D. Sept ’17

“I’ve used the cream just a little bit every night and only on neck? “Only used it two nights, its magic, its super magic…Dr. Galy, you are a true gem”

Mrs. I.N. April ’17


“YOUR TREATMENT WAS PERFECT. My sweats are gone, I am sleeping comfortably again , and best of all, my libido is back! Thank you.”

Ms. K.H. March ’17

“Dr Galy is the nicest and the most compassionate doctor I have every met”

Ms. P. M. Feb ’17

“I am back to normal – we should discuss when you have a moment. Thank you so much. Ps I am very well and everything is working fine again…”

Mr. R.L. Oct ’16

“After seeing so many doctors who couldn’t help me, Dr Galy listened to all of my complaints, and after that we decided which blood tests I needed. The day after we discussed the results and he created a treatment for me that really suited me. Within a week, I felt so much better. I wish I had found him 5 years ago.”

Mr. J.S. Jan ’13