Best Anti Ageing Treatment For Hands In London


Our hands are exposed, perhaps more so than any other part of the body – so they’re often the first to suffer the effects of ageing. Here, the skin is thinner than on the face, over time becoming noticeably dehydrated and pigmented. What’s more, as the skin gradually loses volume, the veins, tendons and bones in the hands become increasingly visible.

At 23MD we combine the best treatments and modalities in our hand-rejuvenating treatments. This helps to hydrate the skin, tackle pigmentation and encourage cell turnover for long-lasting rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic Acid-based Skinboosters help to provide the tissue with deep hydration while also promoting collagen production, while Mesotherapy, delivered to the skin via a series of micro injections, provides nutrition while boosting cell turnover. Chemical peels such as Mesoesthetic Peels® have been shown to improve skin laxity with little to no downtime. Finally, Laser works by removing the topmost layer of skin, eradicating damaged skin cells, revealing fresh new skin, free from fine lines, pigmentation and other age-related blemishes.

To plump crêpey hands and restore natural volume, BTL Exilis® helps to promote collagen formation. For more noticeable volume depletion and hands that look bony or ‘veiny’, Dermal fillers can be injected beneath the skin, into the collagen layer, in order to mimic the natural tissues of the body and restore structure.

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