Ms. Mariella Bejjani

Ms. Mariella Bejjani

Mariella has joined the 23MD Team as Senior Manager, and brings a wealth of invaluable experience to  from her successful career in the development of the Cosmetic Medicine Industry.

Having spent over 10 years in the field across the Middle East and Lebanon, Mariella has a keen focus on bringing the exciting innovation in the industry to 23MD, as well as delivering excellence to our patients care journey and our team cohesion.

Mariella’s thorough understanding of every element of the practice enables her to run the day to day running of the clinic with a calm and relaxed approach. She is strongly ambitious, and leads the clinical and business development alongside our clinical directors, focusing on staff development, clinical excellence, patient journey and satisfaction .

An invaluable part of 23MD, Mariella embodies the 23MD ethos to prioritise our patients. She is committed to creating a special, customised patient journey through exemplary services, and ensuring that the most up to date treatments are available to our Beirut patients.  Her energetic tone and positive manner are reflected in the atmosphere she creates in the clinic, motivating the team and ensuring they always deliver their best to our patients.

Mariella looks forward to welcoming you at 23MD Beirut, and ensuring that your experience with us remains seamless. We are very proud to have her as part of the 23MD Team.

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