woman who need non-hormonal menopause treatments

5 non-hormonal and natural remedies for the menopause

Menopause can be a difficult time. Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, tiredness, anxiety, irregular periods – they can all have a negative effect on the quality of your life and it may seem never-ending. Systemic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is currently the most effective treatment for vasomotor symptoms and … Read more

Woman pinching stubborn fat before Coolsculpting

Why should I choose Coolsculpting® for fat reduction?

CoolSculpting® is a leading non-surgical fat reduction treatment – an established, go-to option for women and men wishing to refine their body shape and eliminate unwanted fat. To date, nearly 8 million CoolSculpting® treatments have been performed in beauty clinics worldwide – and here’s why:   It’s safe Coolsculpting® is … Read more

man with hyperhidrosis

A complete guide to hyperhidrosis

Everybody sweats when they’re too hot. It’s a natural bodily process, designed to cool your body down. But do you feel like you sweat too much? If so, you could be suffering from hyperhidrosis. The team at 23MD are experts on this condition – including effective hyperhidrosis treatments – and … Read more

woman with dry itchy skin

5 ways to improve skin dryness

Do you suffer from dry itchy skin? You’re not alone. Skin dryness is a common issue at this time of year. As the temperatures drop, and central heating kicks in, the skin’s natural protective barrier is damaged – and the result is coarse, cracked and sometimes painful skin. But the … Read more

woman before and after acne scar treatment

Everything you should know about acne scars

Did you know, most people will experience acne at some point in their life? It is one of the most common skin conditions in the UK. Not only does it affect teenagers, but it can also appear in men and women throughout adulthood – leaving behind stubborn acne scars that … Read more


Raise Your Testosterone

Boosting Your Testosterone Naturally Although this advice is aimed at all men interested in increasing testosterone naturally (ie without starting testosterone replacement therapy), it is particularly important for younger men who have discovered that their testosterone levels are low, or lower than expected given their fitness levels. Testosterone replacement therapy … Read more


Age Management using Metformin

A new approach with an old drug for the proactive age management at 23MD™  Believe it or not, Metformin, a 40 year old drug historically used for diabetes, comes from the plant world, and has many properties that make it suitable for health maintenance. The French Lilac plant (Galega Officinalis) … Read more

Double trouble for that stubborn Double Chin Reduction.The 23MD™ Bi-Lift

At 23MD™ we have designed a double whammy for tackling that dreaded hard-to-accept ‘I-have-one-of-these-at-my-age?!’ : the ‘double chin’ or ‘turkey neck’. The 23MD™ Bi-Lift is ideal for patients who are struggling with turkey necks and jowls and want to find a non-surgical way of treating them. This sagging and/or excess … Read more

Laser your Fungal Nails back to health at 23MD

Fungal infections (Onychomycosis) of the nail can be difficult to treat, although it is the most common infection of the nail bed and affects about 10% of the population. The best thing you can do is try to prevent the infection in the first place, or prevent reoccurrence once it … Read more

Summer Skin Repair – to peel or not to peel?

As summer ends, you may notice some of the unpleasant effects sun exposure can have on your skin: namely, sun spots (hyperpigmentation) and wrinkles on the face, chest or hands, larger open pores and ever dry saggy skin. The skin can be left looking dull, aged, and lackluster.  So what … Read more


Dr Galy at 23MD has been dealing with perimenopause for over a decade now, and he finds it still remains unclear to most people what this actually is. He has noted  that the same misinformation just keeps making the rounds. During his consultaions, Dr Galy always tries to clarify these … Read more

Can Mitochondrial Disease Be Treated

What are Mitochondria? Mitochondria are the batteries in our cells that supply us with energy. Their function is essential to generate the fuel that enables our cells to function. Errors in the genetic code, as well as illness and inflammation,  which impair the ability to make energy can affect the functioning … Read more

Rosacea – Reduce and Control

What is Rosacea? Rosacea is a chronic rash involving the central face that most often affects those aged 30 to 60. It is more common in women than in men, and in those with a fair skin who flush easily. those with fairer skin, blue eyes and Celtic origins. It may be transient, recurrent … Read more

Healthy Hair Essentials

There are many aspects to maintaining a healthy head of hair. These includes treating your hair gently, managing stress levels, maintaining good nutrition, and optimising your thyroid and sex hormone profiles. At 23MD, together with essential lifestyle advice, Dr Martin Galy  will check your blood levels of hormones that might affect … Read more

Testosterone may LOWER prostate cancer risk

Men who receive testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) have been found to have a lower incidence of prostate cancer (PCa) than those not receiving TRT, according to study findings presented at the Sexual Medicine Society of North America 18th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. In addition, PCa diagnosed in … Read more

Migraine and Menopause

Migraine and Menopause   Migraine tends to worsen on the years leading into and during the menopause. Attacks can occur more frequently and sometimes last longer. Many women notice more of a link with their periods, and intuitively know that their hormones are changing. Periods can also become erratic and … Read more

BOTOX® finally approved by FDA for forehead

ON October 5th 2017, Allergan PLC announced the FDA approval of BOTOX® Cosmetic for its third indication, the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe forehead lines associated with frontalis muscle activity in adults. This approval makes the brand the first and only neurotoxin indicated for three facial treatment … Read more

man struggling to lose weight due to hormones

Struggling to lose weight? Is it your hormones?

Do any of these thoughts feel familiar? ‘I eat less, I exercise more, and still can’t lose the weight.’ ‘Nothing seems to work with me. I might as well order dessert.’ ‘I cannot control my weight, no matter what I do ‘! ‘Everyone in my family is fat – I … Read more

man seeking help for symptoms of low testosterone

‘Manopause’ – The Health Impact of Low Testosterone

Age related Hypogonadism Testosterone, traditionally believed to be important only for male reproduction and sexuality, is now recognized as having wide-ranging health benefits.[1] In addition to giving rise to male sexual characteristics, such as facial hair, muscularity, sexual function, and male the psyche, testosterone is also essential for maintaining a … Read more

woman who has had non-surgical facelift

Jennifer Anniston loves Ulthera® – non surgical facelift at 23MD

Ultherapy® Jennifer Anniston has revealed to the Daily Mail that “I love lasers and Thermage and Ultherapy.” ® Purpose of Ulthera® at 23MD? To reduce wrinkle appearance To tighten, lift and sculpt skin Can lift  jawline, neck Eyelid lift Upper face rejuvenation Rejuvenates décolletage What is Ulthera Treatment at 23MD? Non-surgical … Read more

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