Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

For all the most popular and in-demand laser and aesthetic treatments, including skin therapy treatments, 23MD has the systems to provide the reliable, safe and effective results you are looking for.

Laser treatments is a procedure we offer, one of our most popular, that provides skin resurfacing to a variety of patients. If you are searching for healthier, younger looking skin. The collagen layer which underlines the top layer of skin is heated to enhance its production – offering a refreshed, smooth and youthful look.

Laser are great for the following treatments:

  • Reduction of blemishes like hyperpigmentation
  • Smaller pore size and thinner face lines
  • Increase facial glow and radiance
  • More even skin tone
  • Red vein removal (broken capillaries on legs and face)
  • Scar reduction including old acne scars

Laser treatments are non-invasive and take a relatively short time to produce its effects. The treatments usually will last for about 30 minutes, and there is minimal downtime for full recovery.