Dermapen® – Fine Needling


Microneedling and Mesotherapy

This is is a medical device that uses fine needling techniques to target skin tissue at different depths.

Through the process of producing micro-injury to the skin, growth hormone and healing factors are produced. This creates a cascade of healing and collagen stimulation in the skin. The skin is revitalised with the shrinking of enlarged pores, reduction of wrinkles and improved tightness and suppleness, and appears healthy and glowing .

Dr Kersh layers the treatment by adding a custom made mix of Hyaluronic acid, Msotherapy (to include a mix of botanical Vitamins and minerals), to match her patient’s skin’s needs.

If a more intense treatment is required a skin booster and a peel maybe added to the treatment.

The treatment is enhanced by the use of LED lights and a specially formulated Hyaluronic acid face mask.

The downtime associated with this procedure is 1-2 days of pink skin.