BTL Emsculpt®: Drew Barrymore’s “abs secret”

Want to look toned and in-shape? Actress and businesswoman, Drew Barrymore, reckons that BTL Emsculpt® is the answer. Opening up at a recent press event, she admitted to her struggle with weight loss – particularly after the birth of her two children – and revealed how this innovative body contouring treatment “changed her life” and was the key to her eventual success.

Barrymore joked about the fact that she hadn’t won the genetic lottery. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t shift the baby weight – which is why she turned to Emsculpt® for a little help.

“I have to fight so hard to be in shape or be in a smaller size or lower weight, and people don’t talk about the fact that when you have kids, everything goes out, but it doesn’t always come back in. Emsculpt®, for me, was a game-changer. I’ve been able to build my core and it’s completely changed my life. I can work out more and that just makes me feel mentally and physically better”

So, what is BTL Emsculpt®?

It may sound technical but, essentially, Emsculpt® is a non-invasive medical device – used to build muscle and burn fat. It helps to contour the body, strengthening muscles and improving the overall tone and shape of the stomach. In some cases, it’s also used to successfully lift the buttocks.

How does it work?

The Emsculpt® device works by using high-intensity electromagnetic pulses. These pulses stimulate muscles in the stomach, triggering up to 20,000 muscular contractions in a single 30-minute session – a number that is impossible for anyone to achieve during their average work-out at the gym.

There isn’t any downtime and the procedure itself isn’t painful. In fact, according to Barrymore, it simply “feels like you’re doing 20,000 crunches”. The pulses are passed through a paddle – secured to your body with a large swathe of fabric – and you’re simply asked to lie down and relax.

Diagram to explain how BTL Emsculpt works

Is it worthwhile?

This depends on what you wish to achieve. Barrymore confessed that “it’s not a magic wand”. To get the best results, you have to stick to a balanced diet and maintain a regular exercise schedule. But it is a great way to strengthen your core muscle fibres and increase the natural definition of the stomach.

Subtle differences can usually be seen after just one session. However, in most cases, a minimum of four Emsculpt® treatments are recommended over a two week period. Positive results are then typically reported two-four weeks after the last session – and will continue to improve for several weeks after that.



Where can I get Emsculpt®?

23MD is a proud provider of BTL Emsculpt® for both women and men. We believe this simple body contouring device can be used to achieve your ‘dream’ body shape – particularly when used in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular workouts and a range of other aesthetic treatments.

It makes a refreshing change for a celebrity to talk about their difficulties with weight loss. So why not follow Barrymore’s lead and contact our team of experts today? Give us a call on 020 707 80302 and find out how this A-list body contouring treatment could be the ideal solution for you. Alternatively, send an email to and we’ll get back to you.

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