What are the benefits of non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Did you know, it’s now possible to achieve your ‘dream’ nose, without having to undergo surgery? Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a knife-free alternative to the traditional nose job. It uses injectables, such as botox and dermal fillers, to refine the shape of the nose – and has become an increasingly popular option amongst our clients. Here we take a look at some of the main reasons why.


1. Natural-looking results

A non-surgical nose job makes slight alterations to the shape of the nose. You won’t notice any dramatic (or unexpected!) changes. Only a small amount of filler will be used – and this will be strategically placed to correct your concerns (e.g. asymmetry, prominent bumps) and complement your natural nasal shape. As such, the results are subtle yet effective.


2. Few side effects

Relatively speaking, a non-surgical nose job is a painless and uncomplicated procedure. The fillers are administered using a very fine needle – which can be a little unpleasant and may cause redness and swelling at the injection site. But these side effects typically subside within a day or two and, unlike surgical rhinoplasty, there’s no need to worry about long-term soreness and scarring.


woman having a non-surgical nose job


3. Minimal downtime

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is often referred to as the ‘lunch hour nose job’. The procedure itself takes just 15-20 minutes to complete and there’s no need for anaesthetic. If you wish, it’s possible to pop into the clinic during your lunch break – have it done – and return to work soon after. A feeling of tenderness may linger for a while, but you should be able to resume your normal daily activities.

To put this into perspective, surgical rhinoplasty often requires two weeks of downtime (or more!) – and most people are forced to put their work and social life on hold to allow them to fully recover.


4. Temporary results

The effects of a non-surgical nose job gradually fade over a 1-2 year period – and although at first, this may seem like a disadvantage, it’s actually one of the main reasons why they’re so popular.

Essentially, it offers you the chance to ‘try out’ a new nose shape, without the commitment of a surgical procedure. If you don’t like the results, it doesn’t matter. Over time, the filler will be naturally broken down by your body and your nose will return to its original shape. No harm done.


5. Affordability

Non-surgical rhinoplasty in London is a highly affordable and accessible option. The exact cost will depend on your individual needs – and the more filler you require, the more you will be expected to pay. But it’s always considerably cheaper than cosmetic surgery.

Whilst surgical rhinoplasty can set you back six to seven thousand pounds or more, non-surgical nose reshaping is just a fraction of this price and most people find it a worthwhile investment.


woman who had non-surgical nose job in London


Contact 23MD for a non-surgical nose job in London

Here at 23MD, our cosmetic physicians are specialists in non-surgical rhinoplasty – and, over the years, we’ve helped many clients to subtly enhance and improve the shape of their nose. If you’d like to find out more about non-surgical nose reshaping and how it could be of benefit to you, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Either give us a call on 020 7454 2925 or send an email to and book your non-surgical nose job in London today.


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