Non-surgical facelift: what you need to know

Many patients long for the results of a facelift but are put off the idea of having surgery to achieve the look. Here at 23MD, we offer a non-surgical facelift procedure, which helps to lift and tighten any problem areas with very little aftercare or complications. This procedure has grown popular over the last few years and is prevalent amongst patients of various ages and genders, who have also found non-surgical facelifts to be especially cost-effect in comparison to surgery.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the things you’ll want to know before booking your non-surgical facelift consultation.

What is a non-surgical facelift?

There was a time when patients would have to go under the knife in order to achieve a firm and youthful look, but due to advanced technology, procedures have continued to evolve over the last 30 years. Which has resulted in more people choosing to go with less invasive methods to get their desired results and that is where non-surgical facelifts come in.

Non-surgical facelifts do not require surgery, as they come in the form of facial fillers, Botox ® and chemical peels, which are injected or applied to the problem areas to help lift, plump and firm.

Different non-surgical facial treatments

There are a number of different non-surgical treatments you can undergo that do not require surgery, some of the most common are:


This is one of the most popular forms of non-surgical facelifts that requires a qualified physician to inject Botox® into the face to help tighten up certain areas. This procedure is most commonly used to help reduce the signs of ageing, such as crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers have seen a huge surge in the last few years due to the rising fame of Instagram stars and the Kardashian-Jenner’s. More celebrities are sporting fillers in both their cheeks and lips, to help change the face shape, which is influencing others to follow suit.

Fillers can be taken out at any time and come in a variety of different materials, from gel to fat. Which one you opt for will depend on both personal preference and the clinic that you choose.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels offer a ‘subtler’ result, helping to remove dead and dull skin from the surface, allowing the newer cells to regenerate. This can help to reduce certain things like age spots and can also help to even out the skin tone.

Do non-surgical facelifts actually work?

Whether non-surgical facelifts work depends on the results you are looking for. These types of procedures are not as permanent as a traditional facelift and will need topping up after around 12-18 months. Although the recovery period is a lot quicker and a temporary solution may be the best option if you have never undergone any cosmetic procedures before.


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