Summer Skin Repair – to peel or not to peel?

As summer ends, you may notice some of the unpleasant effects sun exposure can have on your skin: namely, sun spots (hyperpigmentation) and wrinkles on the face, chest or hands, larger open pores and ever dry saggy skin. The skin can be left looking dull, aged, and lackluster.

 So what can the team at 23MD do to reverse and limit sun damage?

 While some damage is irreversible, there is a multitude of selected aesthetic treatments we can offer, from mild chemical peels, laser resurfacing and skin boosters with one of our expert skinologists Sandra Rimsaite and Juta Esaite, to dermal fillers with Dr Suha Kersh.

 Your specific treatment will depend on your symptomology. At 23MD, we will explore and explain your best treatment options, including expected downtime or activity limitations after procedures. Tailored treatments combined with clinically effective ongoing skin care formulations will be created for you.

 Effective products from the IS Clinical Obagi ranges that contain antioxidants and prescription topical peel formulations can help reverse many signs of sun damage and leave you with healthier, younger looking skin. The importance of combining chemical peels or lasers with at-home skincare is also significant because it will enhance the post treatment results and longevity of treatment outcomes.

 Whatever your skin needs, rest assured that the team of experts at 23MD will create a customized treatment plan to reduce and correct sun damage, helping to improve both the immediate and longer term texture and complexion of your skin.

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