Mesoesthetic Peels®

Mesoesthetic Peels®

A wide range of extremely safe chemical peels that enhances skin appearance, and helps to eliminate imperfections. Over time, the skin tends to lose its ability to renew cells and small imperfections start to appear (wrinkles, dark spots, dilated pores, acne scars, etc.). Applying a peel stimulate the skin tissue to cause regeneration and replacement with new skin cells. . Generally using an exfoliant that eliminates dead skin cells and other impurities lying on the surface does this at home. However, if you want to experience deeper and more effective results, a better alternative is to have a dermo-cosmetic treatment with a chemical peel.

How do Mesoesthetic® Peels work?

A chemical peel is a non-invasive and extremely effective procedure that can only be performed by a physician or qualified aesthetician. It involves applying agents, normally acids, in order to quickly eliminate different layers of the skin in a controlled manner. This provokes the regeneration of skin layers and the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in renewed, purified and oxygenated skin. Applying a chemical peel prior to any type of aesthetic treatment optimises results and significantly improves the penetration of active ingredients.

Who uses Mesoesthetic® Peels?

Products from the mesopeel range have high skin tolerance so they can be applied to any part of the body. They achieve spectacular, immediate results whether you want to maintain your skin looking healthy, smooth, luminous and free from impurities or treat physiological or solar aging, dark spots, acne scars and other imperfections.

What are the results with Mesoesthetic® Peels?

With regular use peels van have the following effects :

  • Purify and oxygenate the skin.
  • Reduce dilated pores
  • Smooth the skin’s surface.
  • Address signs of aging, softening wrinkles.
  • Unify skin tone, enhancing luminosity and correcting imperfections.
  • Lighten and attenuate dark spots.
  • Reduce the manifestations of acne and improve the appearance of scars.