Jennifer Anniston loves Ulthera® – non surgical facelift at 23MD


Jennifer Anniston has revealed to the Daily Mail that “I love lasers and Thermage and Ultherapy.” ®

Purpose of Ulthera® at 23MD?

  • To reduce wrinkle appearance
  • To tighten, lift and sculpt skin
    • Can lift  jawline, neck
    • Eyelid lift
    • Upper face rejuvenation
    • Rejuvenates décolletage

What is Ulthera Treatment at 23MD?

  • Non-surgical facelift using ultrasound energy

How does it works at 23MD?

  • Ulthera® uses focused ultrasound energy
  • This stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic tissue deep within the skin

Pain control at 23MD‼ ?

  • Mild to moderate
  • simple analgesia like ibuprofen and/or paracetamol maybe required prior to the procedure

What is the Recovery time after treatment at 23MD?

  • None

What sort of Results do I get  from your treatment at 23MD?

  • We use full treatment guidelines
  • This delivers some initial immediate lift
  • The real results appear over 2-3 months as new collagen is built up in the skin
  • This lift and tightens the skin

How long will the effects last?

  • Up to 1 year

Is a Consultation prior to treatment necessary?

  • Yes. It £50 redeemable against most of treatment

What is the approximate cost for Ulthera at 23MD?

  • From £500 to £3500 depending on areas covered
  • Packaged prices available after complimentary consultation and assessment

Please contact us here to make an appointment for your assessment.

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