Dramatic skin rejuvenation with multilayered treatments at 23MD



  • To clear the complexion of superficial pigmention and redness and to improve on texture and thickness of the skin.

Which Treatment?

  • Ellipse Nordlys SWT photorejuvenation and 1550 FRAX LASER.

How does it work?

  • Light energy targets both the pigment and excess blood in the skin and breaks these down for the skin to eliminate naturally.
  • Creates a superficial stimulus to the skin that causes a wound heal response  thus creating collagen.

How much Pain‼?

  • Mild

How much Recovery Time after treatment?

  • 30mins with 5 days dryness


  • clearance of sun damaged blemishes
  • uniform complexion
  • refined pore size
  • collagen improvement resulting in skin tightening
  • Within 1-3months

How long will it last?

  • Long lasting with adequate suncare


  • Course options of up to 3 are recommended.
  • ⚠Caution- Patchtest and full medical history is required

Do I need a Consultation

  • YEs, it costs £50 redeemable against treatment

What is the Estimated cost of the treatment 

  • This combination of treatments costs from £900 per session
  • Course options available at the consultation

Please contact us here to make an appointment for your assessment.

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