How can I reduce the appearance of my scars?

Scars are an inevitable part of the body’s healing process. Whether caused by injury or surgery, there’s not much you can do to stop them forming – but you can help to minimise their appearance. Simple changes to your daily routine can make all the difference; however, for stubborn scars on the face and body, effective scar removal treatments could be the answer.

Here at 23MD, we currently offer a number of scar treatments – all designed to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the affected area. These include Dermapen, Dermal Fillers and Laser Treatments. Dependent upon the severity of your scar, our skilled surgeon may use one or a combination of approaches to achieve the best possible results.


 5 techniques for scar reduction


  1. Dermaroller and dermapen

Skin needling, performed with a dermaroller or dermapen, is excellent for evening skin tone and improving the appearance of scar tissue. The dermaroller is a mechanical device, which uses a wheel made of surgical micro-needles (approximately 1.5mm in length) to roll the skin of the affected area, helping to break down fibrous scar tissue, stimulate new collagen and improve the appearance of scars.

The dermapen also uses needles but is powered by a small motor, which moves the needles in and out of the skin approximately 1000 times per second. Both forms are particularly effective scar reduction methods for atrophic scarring (where the skin appears pitted) and keyloid scarring (where scars are raised and lumpy).


  1. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a safe and efficacious scar reduction therapy for all types and colours of skin, as there is no risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Administered with a meso-gun – a mechanical device which fires tiny needles into the surface of the skin – the treatment pushes vitamins, minerals and skin-improving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C into the dermis, where they are effectively absorbed. Performed regularly, mesotherapy can help to stimulate tissue regeneration while providing effective scar reduction.


  1. Laser treatments

Laser – controlled pulses of light, which target the upper layer of the skin – can also help with scar reduction. There are many forms of laser – some for pigmented or red scars, some for colourless scars – and your practitioner will advise which type or combination is best for you. Most work by focusing laser light onto the area of scaring, which breaks down the scar tissue (without damaging the surrounding tissue), and helping with the formation of healthy new skin.


  1. Dermal fillers

For the treatment of deeper scars, a dermal filler, such as Juvederm, can help. Composed of hyaluronic acid, a sugar that is naturally occurring in the body, filler can be injected superficially, where it helps to even out the appearance of depressed or pitted scarring. The results will continue to improve over the following weeks and will last for approximately 9-12 months; however, regular treatment also stimulates collagen production, enabling a natural regeneration process that encourages further scar reduction.

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  1. Topical skincare

Scar tissue tends to be darker than the rest of the skin and, when exposed to sunlight, this can worsen. To encourage scar reduction, apply a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen daily.

Massaging the skin regularly can also help with scar reduction, as it breaks down the uneven collagen bonds that occur with scar formation. There’s no need to buy special ‘scar healing’ skin creams or ointments. Just invest in a mild moisturiser and massage this into the skin a few times per day.

Finally, choose mild skin care products rather than toiletries containing harsh ingredients (such as acids and alcohol), which can inhibit the scar healing process. Aloe Vera-based products are soothing for scars and you should use sensitive soaps and water-based creams.

Simple changes can help to improve a scar’s appearance. However, if you’re looking for complete scar removal, a professional scar treatment is usually the best option.


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