Hot Flashes in Menopause- magnets or hormones?

As all women already know, you either get them or you don’t…what I’m talking about is hot flashes during menopause.

I have found that about 25% of women do not get any HF at all, 25% get mild HF, 25% get moderate HF, and 25% get severe HF. These can occur during the day as well as the night, and are extremely distressing, especially for those in the severe category.

By far the most effective and safe medications for treating symptoms of pre, peri and post menopausal symptoms is bioidentical hormones treatment or BHRT.

You can order a home testing kit for hormone profile here –

However, when symptoms are not severe enough to justify a prescription, there are some other non medical interventions that may work.

  • Relaxation – Yoga, Massage, meditation
  • Exercise -High intensity interval training may help with weight control and estrogen fluctuation.
  • Diet
    • Sometimes avoiding caffeine can help with sweats.
    • Also using low gylcaemic foods may help smooth estrogen fluctuations
  • Stop smoking
  • Temperature control-use light clothing and keep the bedroom and bedclothes cool
  • Controlled respiration – deep slow breathing when the HF start
  • Supplements – including phytoestrogens like soy, omega 3 oil, pirella oil
  • Magnetism – Lady Clip™ or a similar type of magnetic belt has been shown to give some relief to hot flashes and sweats.
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