BPA-free plastics are NOT estrogen free plastics

There are  many major stories about plasticizers leaching dangerous chemicals into your body.

Once in your body, they act as estrogens, or endocrine disrupters. These ‘fake’ estrogens, or xenoestrogens, have very powerful hormone-like activity, so much so that they can dwarf your own hormone output. The effects can have extreme negative effects on your own levels of hormones and even your personal cancer risk, especially for breast and prostate cancer. 

The fear of BPA (one of these plasticizer chemicals) has grown so much  they are now banned in some countries.
Because of this negative press, companies have developed “BPA-free plastic”, in an effort to lead us to believe that these are safe containers for our drinks and foods.
Evaluation on some commercially available plastic products, like baby bottles and plastics water bottles advertised as BPA-free, have been carried out by washing the plastics in alcohol or water solvents and checking what leached out for estrogen activity.
It’s very alarming to learn that nearly every commercially available plastic product leached chemicals having estrogen activity.
But what’s worse is that in some cases, BPA-free plastics released chemicals with more estrogen activity than BPA-containing plastics.
We live in a plastic world where  it’s impossible to avoid plastics.

I don’t believe there is ANY safe plastic to containerise your food or water.
Heat, trauma to the plastic, sunlight, etc. can induce release of toxic chemicals that might not otherwise leach out in laboratory conditions.
  1. For your own sake and safety.
  2. Avoid or reduce regular consumption of food or water that has been transported in plastic containers.
  3. Try to use tap or glass bottled water if possible
  4. Always use a carbon filter to absorb chlorine and plasticizers from your water, whether it’s from a tap or from a bottle.
  5. Never ever microwave your food or water in a plastic container
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