Medical Dermatological Treatments

Injectable Medical Dermatology

This is a fast developing field of cosmetic Dermatology that, in its broadest sense, aims to restore the form, function and symmetry using medical injectables, muscle relaxants, and skin revitalisation treatments, and avoid surgery altogether. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure or treatment, the number of choices available to you may overwhelm you. While cosmetic improvements used to mean having surgery for a full facelift or nose reshaping, today there are many NON-SURGICAL interventions and treatments have successfully replaced for thee for surgery. To understand which option is the best choice for your situation, you need to find a great doctor, who will give impartial advice about which mayne better for your individual needs.

Anti-wrinkle injection, dermal fillers and other medical technologies, have revolutionized non-surgical procedures, and have expanded into successively treating many other medical conditions. These include but are not limited to those conditions listed in the last hand column.

Today’s cosmetic treatments are extremely effective in achieving excellent results in both men and women. For instance, a procedure using lasers, ultrasound, or radio frequency wit or without chemical solutions, can be an ideal choice for patients who want to reduce or eliminate mild to moderate wrinkling and to restore some of the skin’s natural resilience. Combined with soft tissue fillers and antiwrinkle injections like Botox®, many patients find non-surgical techniques defer the need for having a full surgery.

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