Silhouette Soft®

Silhouette Soft® is a new medical technology, designed to redefine your jawline, re-tighten skin laxity, and improve your facial contours. Originally developed in the USA, it is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment and it has an immediately regenerative effect – making your face look fresher, healthier and younger!


As part of the natural ageing process, fat and tissue in the face gradually start to drop, thus leading to drooping (ptosis), folding and wrinkling of the skin. Essentially, a Silhouette facelift strives to reverse the process, repositioning the fat and tissues and re-tightening the skin to create impressive natural-looking results.

The procedure itself is fairly straight-forward and involves two main steps:

  1. Your cosmetic physician will firstly mark where the needles will enter the face, disinfect the skin, and apply a numbing agent to the treatment area
  2. Two needles will then be inserted in opposite directions, pulling the suture structure under the skin, and you physician will gently tighten the structures – effectively lifting the skin to achieve the desired results.

Sutures are crafted from polylactic and glycolic acid and, as they are re-absorbed by the body, they promote natural collagen production and add to the effects of the treatment – leading to long-term improvements of the face and neck contours.


A Silhouette Soft® treatment session takes approximately 45-60 minutes, dependent on the number of sutures that you need and any other complementary skin treatments that you decide to have (e.g. fillers, botulinum toxin). It should only ever be administered by a specially trained physician, such as those at 23MD and, and you will typically need to attend a post-treatment consultation to monitor results.


Silhouette Soft® is the only cosmetic procedure currently available that offers both an immediate facelift and a progressive voluminous effect. This is due to the combination of suture insertion and the natural recovery of collagen in the skin.

The procedure itself is quick, non-invasive and has very little effect on your day-to-day life; however, the results are highly impressive and can last for up to 18 months.

If you would like to improve your facial contours, particularly around the jawline, cheeks and malar area, a Silhouette Soft® facelift could the ideal solution for you. It is also an effective treatment to raise the eyebrows and improve neck sagging. Simply get in touch today and see what this innovative treatment can do for you.