Mesogun U225®

Mesogun U225®

This is a medical device that uses fine needling to target skin tissue at different depths.

Mesotherapy is well known for its outstanding effects on face and body. It combats signs aging and sagging of skin bringing back improved elasticity, hydration and texture as well as reducing wrinkles with and adding that much coveted healthy glow. Mesotherapy provides the skin with a customised cocktail of naturally occurring nutrients such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin minerals and amino acids.

Using a series of microinjections by Mesogun to variable levels of the skin, a customised cocktail od Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins, Coenzymes and Nucleic acids are introduced. The treatment is quick and painless without downtime.

For improved hydration and texture Mesotherapy can be combined with other skinboosters and prescribed peels as part of a treatment plan.

For best results we recommend to repeat the treatment on a fortnightly basis followed by a 2-3 months review.

For further enquiries please call 23MD to schedule an apt for a skin consultation with our Senior Medical Aesthetician

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