8-Point Lift

8-Point Lift

The brainchild of Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio, the 8 Point Lift is effectively a set of guidelines designed to rein in what has for too long been a treatment with wildly unpredictable results. To quote the now famous Dr Maio said, “Look, there are specific areas of the face we can inject to get a certain look or a certain movement.” And he devised the 8 Point Lift, which is now being taught around the world.

The 45-minute procedure is based around eight suggested injection sites – although,, not all points may need injecting. It is a bespoke treatment that depends on an individual’s features, and needs professional assessment to judge where best to strategically place the injections.. It takes extensive training and an artistic eye to be able to do this, and Dr Kersh has had 1000’s of beautifully maintained results using this technique.

The amount of filler used errs on the side of caution, too, because volume will continue to develop over the month that follows – and too much may result in the dreaded puffy ‘pillow face’. Again, avoiding this at all costs, Dr Kersh has perfected this technique over her many years of experience.

According to the new method, the first three points are along the cheekbone and under the tear trough, point four is along the nasal-labial folds down from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth, point five is under the bottom lip, six and seven are along the jawline and finally number eight is at the front of the ear.

Essentially, the treatment is a reversal of the pull of gravity.

The latest technology in fillers means that results now last around 18 months, compared to the six to 12 months of old.