Eyes and Under Eye Hollows

Eyebag Rejuvention in London

Eyes are the windows to our soul and it’s what we all look at during conversations with others. When the eyes look sad and tired, it can be quite difficult to hide with just makeup.

Rejuvenating the eye may require different treatment depending on the causes of the aged appearance. Dr Kersh employs her 4D-Technique which will assess the following

  1. General health assessment – sometimes after the consultation, it becomes apparent that diet and life style choices may be affecting the general health of her patients. Dr. Kersh will recommend that blood tests and specialist help be sought in this instance.
  2. Wrinkles surrounding the eyes – the combined use Botox and Skin Boosters to brighten and open the eyes.
  3. Volume loss under the eyes – hollows and dark shadowing. The strategic and gentle introduction of dermal filler with a cannula to around the eye area, softens up the hollows and removes dark shadows. the treatment is painless and safe without downtime .
  4. Skin health analysis – Skin Rejuvenation for the eye can be achieved by the combination of some of the following:

Under-eye hollows are naturally occurring features, however as we age the deepen giving away a tired appearance. The treatment is individual to each patient needs varying from simple introduction od dermal filler with a cannula into the tear trough or a 2 tired treatment of restoring gentle volumisation of the cheeks to allow indirect correction of the tear trough followed by direct treatment a week later.

The treatment is painless with minimal downtime.

The treatment plan is always individualised to your needs and requirements at the time of your consultation and treatment.


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