Ms Sandra Rimsaite

Ms Sandra Rimsaite

Senior Medical Aesthetician

Sandra is a high level medical aesthetician with nearly a decade of experience in the cosmetic industry.

Since qualifying in 2008 in Cosmetology, Sandra has worked in some of the most prestigious aesthetic clinics in London, and in that time has expanded her training and experinece to include specialist treatments for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and lifting, peeling, laser treatments and body contouring.

Sandra’s choice of combination treatments work in synergy to produce superlative results. For example, her signature Mesoglo-treatment, for that fresh glowing facial skin everyone craves, or her choice of Cooslculpt with another skin tightening treatment to lift the sculpted area, always produces a perfect finish.

Sandra prides herself on her holistic approach to skin and body, and is a strong believer in beauty and health from the inside out.

Clients love her attention to detail, resulting in her ability to easily develop a trusting and loyal relationship with each one of her patients.
Sandra is extremely passionate and highly experienced in her field, and we at 23MD are proud to welcome her to our Team