Dr. Samer Jabbour

Dr. Samer Jabbour

Dr Jabbour is a leading expert in field of cosmetic medicine and is a US- board certified specialist plastic surgeon.

Renowned for his innovative, non-invasive techniques, Dr. Jabbour delivers natural results by focusing on an holistic approach, leaving each patient looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dr Jabbour graduated as Valedictorian with a medical degree from Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon, after having spent most of his university years on the dean’s high ranking list. He then specialised in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. Dr Jabbour has trained in both the USA and France, contributing to his broad expertise and specialised techniques.

Dr Jabbour takes an holistic approach to aesthetics, and is well known for his ability to use non invasive procedures to avoid surgery when possible.

Dr. Jabbour is active leader in global cosmetic field. He is the principal author of a number of peer-reviewed publications and constantly seeks to further his knowledge through attending conferences throughout the world.

In his free time, he loves to travel, enjoys the outdoors and is an avid sportsman. We are indeed proud to have in as a member of the 23DM Team.

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