Resurfacing Peel Booster

Resurfacing Peel Booster


Skin renewing peel booster



Mesoestetic Resurfacing Peel Booster is a gel used at night, with retexturizing, smoothing and seborregulatory action. Indicated for oily skins, with excess production of sebum and acne imperfections. The Resurfacing Peel Booster Gel combines the skin renewing action of 10% concentrated Glycolic Acid with the keratolytic, comedolytic and anti-inflammatory action of Salicylic Acid at 2%. This retexturizing gel eliminates dead cells on the skin surface and smoothes the roughness of the stratum corneum. This product decreases pore size by fluidizing the sebum and by its descaling action. It minimizes imperfections and comedones, reducing the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Resurfacing Peel Booster also has anti ageing action, being an excellent anti ageing for oily skin, due to its ability to stimulate cell renewal, to attenuate the depth of wrinkles and to smooth the skin. Gradually the skin becomes softer, homogenous, controlled and mafic.
Use at night, after cleaning the skin, over the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye contour. In case of some skin discomfort in the first applications, space the use (night yes, night not), until skin habituation to the acids. In the morning, after moisturizing the skin, it is essential to apply a sunscreen. Such as the Dermatological Sun Protection SPF50 indicated for oily and seborrhoeic skin.

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