To achieve harmony and balance it is important to re-contour and add areas of light and shadows to the face . Over time those areas soften and with gentle sculpting using dermal fillers structure is reintroduced to the face to allow lifting and re-shaping . Some of the areas that benefit and react well to contouring are the chin, jawline and cheeks. In combination the effects are subtle and refreshing.

Over Time the cheeks soften and give way to a tired appearance the includes :

  • Deepening of under eye hollows
  • Deepening of nasolabial lines
  • Jowling
  • Loss of contour and shape

By gentle sculpting, contouring  and strategic injection of dermal fillers into the cheeks and neighbouring area, vitality is restored to the area and the face in general.

The key to this treatment is subtlety and achieving a rejuvenated rather than an overdone appearance.

Should gentle lifting be the first priority, Dr Kersh may suggest the use of Silhouette Soft thread in combination with Dermal Fillers.

For better and more natural results, Dr Kersh recommends combining this treatment with the following